The Athletic Shoe Girl's Blog

Shoes have been calling out to me ever since I was a child. When I was twelve, I got a hairline fracture on my ankle playing basketball because I wasn't wearing the right shoes. I remember limping alongside my mother after that, eventually stopping and staring wondrously into a shoe store.

It looked like a dream come true. Mom was taking me to buy a new party dress for an upcoming birthday, but I didn't care. All that I wanted was what was staring back at me, and it wasn't a frilly dress. Finally mom relented; she took me inside the store and bought me the most beautiful pair of shoes I ever saw. They may not have been every girl’s dream, but I was in love with those black beauties. As soon as the doctor gave me the green light, I was out the door and playing in the best shoes ever.

That one little moment taught me the importance of the right footwear. While many people use one pair of shoes for all sporty occasions thinking it to be no big deal, I am here to tell you different. Having always been into sports, I also developed a keen obsession for shoes, especially athletic shoes. I may not know everything about the different kinds of heels, but I do know my tennis shoes from my jogging trainers.

I am currently a journalist with the Boston Herald, but all of my spare time is spent running around. If you can't find me in my office, you are most likely to bump into me at the basketball court near my house. With all the new sports shoes that are coming out, I have made it my personal mission to review the ones that catch my eye. Any fancy new addition or different design has been worn by me. Whether it is the Nike Air Max or the Nike Huarache, I have tried them all. It is interesting to discovering how real the benefits advertised for these shoes are, and my blog has been dedicated to exposing the truth.

Moreover, I have also dedicated some of my posts to the different athletic apparels. After all, sports isn't only about the shoes, the clothes you wear also matter.

This blog is aimed at spreading awareness. It is meant to be the answer for anyone seeking to know more about the right shoes or even to understand the basics about them. It is here to help you pick out the right attire, preventing you from making one of the most basic mistakes of the sports world.

My obsession with athletic footwear and attire has grown with age, and the invention of online shopping has only fueled this quirk of mine, giving me more and more products to review. While girls may have closets filled with peep-toes, heels and wedges, I have an entire cupboard dedicated to some of the finest athletic shoes in the world.

So if you are trying to decide whether to buy or not to buy the pair of athletic shoes you saw today, chances are, you will find a relevant review on my blog. If you don't know where to start, since the world of sports is overwhelming, I am sure I can help you find your path!

I hope you enjoyed reading about me, and that my blog will prove even more useful! :)

Eleonore Brewster