Privacy Policy

The privacy of each and every user of is very important to us. For this reason, we want to ensure that you get a clear understanding of the kind of information that is collected when you visit, how it is used, as well as the options you have regarding the information that you provide.

The Type of Information That Is Collected By

The information that we collect from the users of can be grouped into two major categories; that is, personal information and aggregate information.

i. Personal Information

This is the information which is identifiable to a particular user. It includes their name, mailing address, email address, phone number as well as credit card information.

ii. Aggregate Information

This is the kind of information which generally describes the usage patterns, demographics and habits of the users; however, it doesn’t reveal or describe the identity of any specific user. This type of information may include: site preferences, gender, age, language, geographical location, time zone, education and income.

Some of the information that we request may be optional. may disclose or use the aggregate information as it sees fit.

How We Collect Information from the Users of

  • Using the “contact us” form: Users enter their name as well as their email address.
  • Email subscriptions: You (or any other user of can subscribe to our mail list/newsletter so as to receive notifications about the latest news about shoes, how to get coupons, and so forth.
  • Using the comment form: Here, visitors enter their name, email address, as well as their personal website.
  • Visitor/Website Analytics tool: uses Google Analytics to analyze the pages that users visited and the links that they clicked.

How the Collected Information Is Used

The information that is collected by is used for:

  • Optimizing the website (
  • Customizing the users’ experience using cookies which are stored in the browser of the visitor.

Sharing and Disclosure of the Information

The personal identification information that is collected from the users is kept confidential and isn’t disclosed to 3rd parties without the owner’s (website user’s) consent. Under no circumstances is personal identification information transferred or sold to 3rd parties for purposes of marketing services or products.

Under certain circumstances, the law might require us to disclose personal information so as to assist an ongoing investigation or aid in any legal procedure.

Links to 3rd Party Websites may include links to 3rd party websites. This privacy policy doesn’t apply to those sites and therefore, you are advised to look at their respective private policies carefully. We aren’t responsible for any liability that may arise from the use of those links.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

By using this website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions that are stated in this privacy policy. This policy (the terms and conditions) may change without your consent.