Top 3 Basketball Shoes on Sale at Finish Line

At you will find hundreds of pairs of footwear, including sneakers made from some of the world's biggest brands. Whether it's Reebok or Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, you'll be sure to find the basketball shoes you need when browsing the company's easy-to-use online store. And guess what? I've compiled three of my top picks. Here are the Top 3 basketball shoes currently on sale at Finish Line.

1. Men's Adidas Crazy 8 Basketball Shoes

Men's Adidas Crazy 8

The classic KB8—made famous by Kobe Bryant—is back. Now called Crazy 8, these shoes are perfect for the basketball court, giving you all the comfort, speed, and style that you need. This shoes were first made famous in the 1990s, but have been updated, now featuring a combination of leather and mesh in the upper shoe for optimal cushioning and durability. The footwear has been manufactured to the highest standards, using the Torsion System which provides guidance regardless of the size or shape of your feet. Then there's extra traction for running across hardwood floors. The upper soles are made from leather, with a rubber outsole (featuring herringbone traction). The shoes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Crazy 8 Basketball Shoes are now available at for only $49.98 - reduced from $109.99. [Update: last time I checked they were sold out]. Now you can save even more money by using a Finish Line promo code when purchasing this shoe.


2. Men's Reebok Blacktop Boulevard Basketball Shoes

These Reebok Blacktop Boulevard shoes once retailed for $99.99, and are now available at for just $39.98. You'll be able to glide across the basketball court, or look your very best when out and about. Featured on a 1990s design, the shoes have a retro style that instantly catches the eye. Hexalite technology ensures that your feet get the cushioning they need when playing the sport, and the shoes are cut high to provide you with maximum sport. Protecting your ankles when playing basketball, these Reebok basketball sneakers have a high abrasion rubber sole for extra traction, and feature a leather upper sole, and rubber outsole. Use a Finish Line discount code to save even more money on your purchase.

Men's Reebok Blacktop from FinishLine

3. Men's Nike Air Raid Basketball Shoes


The Nike Air Raid was originally designed by Tinker Hatfield, and has become one of the most iconic pieces of footwear during the last two decades. This 1992 basketball shoe has been revamped for modern times, with its famous 'X' shape made up of dual crossed straps. The upper sole is made from high-quality leather, with a rubber outsole. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, you may remember the Nike Air Raid from the famous commercial directed by Spike Lee. These shoes used to retail for $124.99, and are now available at for only $59.98. You can even use a Finish Line coupon code for money-off your order.